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Round vs. Perfect Round Pearls

Can You See the Difference?

There is only a slight difference in roundness, as shown pictured below (Fig. A). You can hardly see the difference when sitting side by side, but when you overlap their silouettes (Fig. B), you can see the difference clearly. Also, when many are placed on a strand (Fig. C) you can see the difference becomes apparent after 8 or 9 pearls in length. (Even though this difference is slight, this makes the "perfect round" pearls about twice as valuable.) We feel we have made the best choice for quality and value in using the round, grade AAA pearls in all our children's jewelry, but if you want the very best perfect round, Grade AAA pearls, we have those available as an option. Did you read about what our pearl farm said about our wanting to purchase the perfect round pearls for use on bracelets? Read about it below

The Perfect Round Pearl Controversy

In nearly all occasions, the pearl farm prepares the perfect round, grade AAA pearls by drilling them half way through, this way the jeweler does not need to drill the pearl prior to setting it on a post for use on a pendant, or a ring. When we asked the farm to please re-drill them all the way through (so we could string them on a bracelet) they were very confused. "No, you want the pearl strands, these are for pendants, rings, and earrings" they told us, but we told them we wanted the very best quality and in the perfect round shape to offer to our customers. So after a little reassurance, they went ahead and drilled them all the way through for us to offer to our customers. We are the only buyer who requests this from our peal farm.

Round vs. Perfect Round Pearls