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nourish the mind
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Cosmic Galaxy
by Joanna L.

1 medium frozen banana
1/2 medium frozen pear
2 pieces of frozen pitaya
2 tbsp of coconut water
1 tbsp Mistyday Plant Potions cosmic brew
toppings: granolas, A Kissing Tree raspberries
and multigrain seeds from Liv Zero

Have you ever wonder how the galaxy looks like? No need to wonder anymore, I’ve used my imagination and created a daytime cosmic galaxy inspired by the mysterious space up above us. Not only does it taste delicious, but the bright hues also creates a dreamy effect that looks somewhat like a unicorn..doesn’t it? Well here’s how you make this dreamy bowl:
Put all frozen ingredients (except for the pitaya) into a high speed blender along with 2 tbsp of coconut water. Blend until smooth.
Add 1 tbsp of mistyday plant potions (cosmic brew) into the blended ingredients and blend again until the smoothie has turned into light blue.
Put half of the smoothie into a bowl and place into freezer.
Add the frozen pitaya into the blender and blend away! The smoothie should now turn into a nice pink colour.
Take your bowl out of the freezer and transfer the pink smoothie into the bowl creating a gradient effect.
Use your favourite toppings and serve. I’ve used granolas with raisins along with A Kissing Tree raspberries and multigrain seeds from Liv Zero.

Enjoy your smoothie!