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nourish the mind
body & soul
Joanna, the creator behind Nourisheats, enjoys incorporating her artistic aesthetics into her healthy meals and making her recipes into artwork. She has always nurtured an interest in healthy eating and loves creating meals that are good for her body while being creative with simple ingredients.
As a yoga teacher, Joanna strongly believes that we should take care of our body from the inside out. Not only from the food we eat, but the way we think and act as well. While incorporating yoga and mindfulness into her daily lifestyle, Joanna hopes to encourage others to look at healthy living from a different perspective.
She hopes her experiences and sharing will help others to become a better version of themselves. Having a healthy lifestyle can be convenient, fun and interesting if you put your heart and determination into it.
Joanna started yoga when she was studying in Toronto and quickly fell in love with the way it connected her mind, body and soul. She has completed her 200 hours yoga teacher training at Anahata Hong Kong with Master Yogannath Andiappan and enjoys teaching various types of yoga. She strongly believes no matter what type of yoga she practices, we should always listen to our body for a strong and positive practice.
HK Tatler - 2019
Green Queen - 2018
PurelyB HK - 2018
Liv Magazine - 2018