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nourish the mind
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Pastel Unicorn Smoothie
by Joanna L.

1 1/2 medium frozen banana
3 pieces of frozen pineapples
2 pieces of frozen frozen pitaya fruit
1 tsp of E3Live majik powder
1 tsp of Vega One powder
Splash of coconut water
Toppings: Kashi plant based granola,
dried pitaya, frozen strawberries and coconut flakes

Who likes bright pastel colours just as much as I do? I love it on days when the weather acts up, making our mood go up and down. Whenever I have bright colour smoothie bowls, my mood instantly feel better. Hopefully this bowl will make you feel the same way allowing your energy to go up along with the nutritious ingredients.
Put all frozen ingredients into the blender (except for the pitaya fruit) and start blending until smooth consistency. Add a bit of coconut water along the way. Dont add too much in one go, add more if it gets too thick.
Once blended, add 1 tsp of E3Live majik powder along with 1tsp of Vega One powder. Blend until smooth and transfer half of your smoothie into desired bowl. Put the bowl into the freezer while you work on the other half.
With the remaining smoothie, add your frozen pitaya fruit into the blender and start blending until a bright pink colour has been formed. Take your bowl out from the freezer and transfer your other half of smoothie into the bowl. Start mixing both colours together creating a nice gradient colour. Finish your bowl off with your favourite toppings. I used dried pitaya fruit, frozen strawberries, coconut flakes and Kashi plant based granola. Enjoy!