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nourish the mind
body & soul
Chocolate Goodness
by Joanna L.

1 medium frozen banana
1/2 of medium frozen peach
Splash of water
2 tbsp of terrasoul organic cacao powder
Toppings: Fairtaste organic black and white mulberries
Frozen grapes
Rawhalo dark & salted caramel chocolate

For the chocolate lovers out there, have you ever wanted something sweet and indulgent but worried whether it is good for your body? I’ve created this recipe using superfood powders to satisfy any chocolate cravings. Now you can enjoy this superfood smoothie bowl without any worries.
Put all frozen ingredients into a high speed blender with a splash of water. Blend until nicecream consistency.
Add 2 tbsp of organic cacao powder.
Blend again until smooth.
Transfer your smoothie into desired bowl.
Add your favourite toppings. I decorated mine with organic black and white mulberries, frozen red grapes and dark & salted caramel chocolate.