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nourish the mind
body & soul
Yoga Community
by Joanna L.

“Yoga exists in the world because everything is linked.” – Desikashar
Yoga brings us together. Met these beautiful ladies @sherinyoga and @alisonruntheland during @qintensity shoot. It’s amazing how one thing can connect us together allowing us to create, learn and share from one another. I have learnt a lot about myself during these few months of teaching yoga. Not only from teachers but also students. We should all see each other the same way, therefore I don’t see myself as a teacher but more of a guidance when I’m teaching yoga. I look at everyone in the same and appreciate that they are here to practice with me, together, as one. I hope people can experience yoga in a different way, knowing that this is a community and everyone is welcome. I have yet to learn a lot, and I’m sure a lot of people out there are far better than me as a student or teacher. But I’m happy of where I’m at and will keep learning for the better. Come and catch me on the mat and let’s practice together!
Photos by @conrad leung