Nourish the mind
body & soul
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nourish the mind
body & soul
Autumn Sunset
by Joanna L.

1 medium frozen banana
1/4 cup frozen mangoes
1 tsp of cacao tumeric latte powder
handful of ice
toppings: edible flowers
sprinkle of rice puff and coconut flakes

Healthy comes from the inside out. With the right mindset and practice, it is simple to nourish your mind, body and soul. Nourisheats develops and creates aesthetic and photogenic foods to inspire others that healthy eating can be fun and delicious. We should all look at healthy eating in a different perspective and treat wholesome food as an important factor in our life.
Blend all frozen fruits together with handful of ice until smooth nice-cream consistency. (It may take awhile depending on the blender you are using – use a spoon to help).
Transfer half of the blends out into a bowl and put into freezer.
Add 1 tsp of cacao tumeric latte powder into remaining nice-cream and blend until all powder has been incoporated.
Take the bowl out from the freezer and pour the remaining nice-cream into a bowl. Use a spoon to blend the nice-cream together into desired gradient.
Decorate with your favourite toppings. I used edible flowers, rice puffs and coconuts flakes.