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nourish the mind
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Ice Blue Smoothie
by Joanna L.

1 medium frozen banana
4 pieces of frozen pineapples
1 1/2 tsp of E3live Majik powder
Splash of coconut water
Toppings: Cocoparadise coco caramel cashew,
A Kissing Tree blackberries
Blue Cornflowers

Ice blue smoothie bowl to cool off this summer heat. I can always count on my smoothie bowls during hot summer weather. Not only does this bowl give off a cooling sensation, but it also taste refreshing and satisfying. Scroll down to see how you can make this beautiful bowl.
Place your frozen ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth consistency. Pour a splash of coconut water if the fruits aren’t blending as well.
Once the frozen are blended into a nicecream consistency. Add in 1 1/2 tsp of E3Live majik powder. Add a little bit more of coconut water if the smoothie gets too thick.
When the smoothie has turned into a icy blue colour, transfer your smoothie into a desired bowl. Start decorating your bowl with your favourite toppings. I used Cocoparadise coco caramel cashew, A Kissing Tree blackberries and blue cornflower for my toppings. Now its time to enjoy your refreshing blue bowl during this summer heat!