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Greyson Chance Teen.com Tour Exclusive Part 5 June 8th 2011!

It's the last of our On Tour With Greyson Chance episodes (tear!), but don't worry, guys. We're ending the series with a major bang. And by bang we mean the hottest Australian ever, Cody Simpson. And you thought the cameo by Miranda Cosgrove was good, eh?! You'll def want to watch this vid, where Greyson and Cody perform a super sick duet, not to mention shower two very lucky ladies with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Hey, guys, we like roses, FYI.



Greyson Chance Teen.com Tour Exclusive Part 4 June 2nd 2011!

Greyson Chance has been trekking along on tour and, natch, we've been along for the ride. You have been watching, right?! Except this video is a little bit special because it features a guest performance from someone you may have heard of -- Miranda Cosgrove. Click on to watch as Greyson and Miranda dance crazy on stage together and, ya know, catch Greyson's super adorable pre-show warm-ups. Two words: "Skype" and "tea."  (I would add silly string!)

Greyson Chance Teen.com Tour Exclusive Part 3 May 26th 2011!

Not even some major car troubles or lots and lots of snow can keep Greyson Chance from his fans. That's dedication right there! In episode 3 of our special series, On Tour with Greyson Chance, we go really behind the scenes with Greyson on his tour bus -- uh, that broken bumper gives it character! -- and find out just how much his fans mean to him, singing tons of autographs, playing live shows, and just being all-around awesome and down-to-earth.


Greyson Chance Teen.com Tour Exclusive Part 2 May 19th 2011!

f you're one of those girls who screams your head off and cries uncontrollably when you come within 10 feet of a celebrity, good news! Greyson Chance loves that. We caught up with Greyson while he was touring in NYC and he told us that those hysterical girls are actually kind of cool. Also kind of cool? Greyson playing at Good Morning America, The Today Show, and concerts all around the Big Apple. And our cameras were there to catch it all!

So click on for episode 1 of Teen.com's exclusive series, "On Tour with Greyson Chance!"



Greyson Chance Teen.com Tour Diaries Part 1 May 13th 2011!

YouTube star Greyson Chance takes us behind the scenes on his Dancing Crazy tour, hangs out with Cody Simpson, and shows us his tour bus in this exclusive tour video!


Greyson Chance - My Day My Life From Teen.com!

Greyson Chance - My Day My Life From Teen.com!



Greyson Chance Interview with Teen.com!


Greyson Chance Interview with Teen.com