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Greyson Chance And Cody Simpson "Waiting4U" Tour At Dixie Convention Center St. George Utah April 9th 2011!

 Greyson Chance's photo: In Utah! I just discovered that there are cacti here! Ouch...
Greyson Chance on WhoSay

Last night was the first show of the Waiting 4U Tour, in Utah! It was crazy. Utah really knows how to party(: The show was really emotional because it was my first ever “headline” show. It was so great to see all the fans with their posters, t-shirts, and face paint! Had so much fun sharing the stage with Cody as well. It is also to great to be able to hangout with him and his family on the bus.

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Greyson Chance's photo: Two fans from last night, they bought the new
Greyson Chance on WhoSay

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