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Greyson Chance: Debut (3) Song EP in September and CD titled "Greyson" later this year

Several web sites have suggested or hinted that the 3 songs might debut September, 2010 and that the CD will come out around or after Thanksgiving around XMAS!! 


http://www.timesrecordnews.com/news/2010/aug/23/a-matter-of-chance-n-born-in-wichita-singer-out/ :

The family signed Greyson with Degeneres’ new recording label, eleveneleven, as her first recording artist. He also began work with veteran record producer Ron Fair on a CD expected to be released around Thanksgiving.


http://www.chartsinfrance.net/Lady-GaGa/news-70766.html  (French)

The first single should be available from September 27 next, before the release of the album, scheduled the end of the year...


Chance credits him as a mentor, "He's been so great and he's just been amazing, especially from a music perspective. He knows so much and he's been a great help." The album is due out by Christmas but fans won't have to wait too much longer to get a taste of it. Greyson revealed, "We're going to release a three song EP I think in the middle of September."

To TRN, Greyson described his new CD as “a rock album. It’s not hip-hop. I can’t really do that.”

His mother described his style as a “mixture of rock and ballads. It’s not R&B, hip-hop, teeny-bopper music. I think people will be surprised how different his music sounds.”

It will feature eight songs — 80 percent written by Greyson. His mother hinted that one single may be released within two weeks and another in September.

GreysonChanceFans Prediction:

Title of CD will be simply "Greyson"

Songs on the EP will be all of Greyson's originals:


"Broken Hearts"