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Greyson Chance Sings National Anthem At Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Finals Game May 23rd 2011!

Greyson Chance's photo: Performed the National Anthem at the Thunder game tonight. Was so excited to be back in my home state at the game! Go Thunder!
Greyson Chance on WhoSay

YouTube sensation and Oklahoma native, Greyson Chance, sings the National Anthem before game 4 of the Western Conference Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder


Greyson Chance Inteview WILD-FM Hosts Joey and Heather OKC February 14th 2011


Greyson Chance On The Cover Of Metro Family Magazine February 2011


Mother to a Rising Star

Behind this rising new star are supportive parents and two siblings, currently living in two separate cities while juggling the demands of a growing career in the music industry. MetroFamily asked Greyson’s mother Lisa to shed some light on how she keeps her family in balance, and to share advice for other parents as they help their children pursue their dreams:

MFM: How have you worked to provide balance for Greyson, his career, and your family, all while developing his talents and supporting his dreams?

LC: I think the hardest thing, in all that has happened to us as a family in these past eight months, is to provide a solid spiritual balance and unity between us. Greyson has been extremely blessed to be offered such an amazing opportunity, but at the same time, Scott and I want to provide our children with a stable and ‘normal’ lifestyle. Greyson is very close to his siblings, and we try to make family time whenever we can, although it is hard with us being split between two different cities. Of course, we support Greyson and whatever is to come in the future, but first and foremost, we are a family.

MFM: What advice do you have for other kids who are interested in trying to make their mark in music and the performing arts?

LC: Having an interest in music, art, dance or another creative outlet is extremely beneficial for children, especially now in the age of endless electronics. I believe it is very important to support your children in whatever avenue they pursue. Sometimes the avenue “presents” itself, as Greyson has been singing since he was very young, but other times, it has to be explored and nurtured. Encourage your children to participate in the creative arts—painting, drawing or dance lessons—whatever they want to learn about. You never know

Read the entire interview with Greyson here




Greyson Chance Google Demo Slam AD!

www.demoslam.com | Greyson Chance uses Local Search to go caroling in his hometown. Try it now:http://www.google.com

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Greyson Chance Makes Whirlwind Tour of Oklahoma City NewsOK.com

Chance visited Epworth Villa Retirement Community at noon today. He and a group of Edmond and Deer Creek students performed “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and "Deck the Halls" before a crowd of residents, media and the camera crew.

Greyson Chance makes whirlwind tour of Oklahoma City NewsOK.com


"At Long Last" Opens For Greyson Chance February 19 2010 In Oklahoma City

Local Edmond OK Band "At Long Last" Opens For Greyson Chance February 19 2010 In Oklahoma City

 A LimeLight Productions Event