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Greyson Chance Wishes Justin Bieber Happy Birthday


Greyson Chance meets Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith!

Teenage pop stars collided when Justin Bieber met Greyson Chance backstage at "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" season premiere Sunday night (Sept. 12) after the MTV VMAs. Bieber, who was also joined by "Karate Kid" star Jaden Smith, embraced the talk-show host before giving Chance a bro-hug and some kind words.

 "You're looking smooth! I like the shoes, I like the jacket," Bieber told the 13-year-old pop singer

Chance told CNN at the MTV Video Music Awards that he viewed Bieber as an inspiration but doubted he would ever surpass the singer's talent level.

Plus their styles are different, Chance said, and he could never be able to pull off the slick dance moves Bieber displayed at the awards show.

"I'm more of a sit-down, piano, rock-out guy," Chance said.