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Bryan Stars Interview With Greyson Chance Backstage Kansas City MO January 24 2011!

Bryan Stars Interview With Greyson Chance Backstage!

Greyson Chance Interview January 20th 2010!

Last update: January 20, 2011 - 3:04 PM

Q What are you most nervous about for this tour?

A I'm not nervous at all. I'm very excited. I've never been nervous. I love performing.

Q How many songs are done for your new album project?

A We're just making the music and making the demos and mastering a lot of things. We have a lot of ideas. The style is pop music but it's more like a Snow Patrol-type vibe. It's pop but with rock influences.

How much writing have you been doing?

A Most of the record is actually written by me.

What have you learned about writing from your collaborators and producers?

A Just keep the song fun and keep it very energetic. Be able to hear the message of the song. If it's supposed to be something very anger-driven or fearful, you need to make it ugly and blunt.

How do you think your songwriting has evolved?

A I wrote my first song about a year ago, "Broken Hearts." I kind of actually know what I'm doing now. When I first started, I had no clue.

Who are your chief songwriting influences?

A I love old rock 'n' roll. Journey. I'm into Kiss. I'm into Bowie. I really love Queen.

Q Who are you listening to these days?

A I always listen to 20 songs before I go to bed. Journey, Mötley Crüe, Kiss, David Bowie, Semi-Precious Weapons [Gaga's foul-mouthed punk opening act].

Q So your parents let you listen to Semi-Precious Weapons?

Oh, yeah. Most of the time they don't know.

You are growing up fast.

A I'm growing up very fast, but I don't think that's a bad thing at all.

Q What kind of input does Ellen DeGeneres have in your career?

She's very involved in the music, the songwriting and the creative process.

What's the best advice she's given you?

A She's always about being true to yourself, always being yourself in the music and creative process, and don't let anybody change you.

What did you and Justin Bieber talk about at the MTV Video Music Awards?

A Me and Justin just chit-chatted for a little while. He was a very busy man that night. He's a cool guy.

Q Did he give you any advice?

Yes. Just stay true to myself and just to keep your head on [straight] while you're in the music business.

Did he tell you to get rid of your hairdo and let him have it?

A [Giggles] He did not tell me that.

What's been the hardest thing about your new life?

Nothing has been hard, no. There are a lot of long days, but I love staying busy. Maybe the hardest thing, you know, is I'm never at home, really. But you have to sacrifice.

What are you doing for schoolwork?

I do online school. I do about three or four hours a day. The tutor and I go over all the lessons online. I think I'm doing pretty good. I got straight A's last semester.

Q Where does your confidence come from?

A My family. My mother is very confident. It comes from a mind-set. I want to be confident and I want to be positive about everything.

Q On "Ellen," Gaga advised you to follow your dream, stay focused and stay away from the girls. So how many girlfriends have you had so far?

A Ha, ha. Oh, man, you're asking the hard questions today. I've had a few girlfriends, but not too many.

But, at 13, you've had enough so you can write about love found and love lost?

Oh, yes, I've had a couple and particularly one ... You can be in love in certain ways, not in the ways of an adult but in the ways of a kid. I think kids can be fully on in love.

Q You're not doing puppy love or teenybop songs. You're making pop songs that appeal to all ages.

A That's always been the goal. Not to be someone artificial, to be someone very real so the moms and the kids and the dads and grandpas -- everybody -- can relate to my music and understand it.

Q You're 13. So what do you want to do when you grow up?

A I want to do this. I'm living the dream. So I want to do it forever.



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