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Greyson Chance Interview with Liz from MuchMusic.com



I’ll be honest. When I first found out about my interview with Greyson Chance I immediately thought, “Oh, that kid from Ellen on YouTube?” After doing some research on him I was curious to find out more on who Greyson Chance really is and not just what I can find on YouTube. After meeting him I immediately thought, “Holy crap, this kid is so polite and mature for his age. Are you sure he is not 30?” But nope, he was born in 1997. I mean, I don’t know how I would act if I was taken out of the 6th grade and put onto a pedestal, surrounded by people like Ellen, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber etc.


Greyson Chance on ClevverTV Asked About Meeting Ellen

Greyson Chance stopped by the ClevverTV Lounge to talk about how he got involved with Ellen DeGeneres and what the experience was like.


Greyson Chance meets Katy Perry


Greyson Chance meets Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith!

Teenage pop stars collided when Justin Bieber met Greyson Chance backstage at "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" season premiere Sunday night (Sept. 12) after the MTV VMAs. Bieber, who was also joined by "Karate Kid" star Jaden Smith, embraced the talk-show host before giving Chance a bro-hug and some kind words.

 "You're looking smooth! I like the shoes, I like the jacket," Bieber told the 13-year-old pop singer

Chance told CNN at the MTV Video Music Awards that he viewed Bieber as an inspiration but doubted he would ever surpass the singer's talent level.

Plus their styles are different, Chance said, and he could never be able to pull off the slick dance moves Bieber displayed at the awards show.

"I'm more of a sit-down, piano, rock-out guy," Chance said.


Greyson Chance: "Within the Night" New Song Debut at YouTube Headquaters

This is a story about a kid in New York (City) who was abused and abandon by his mother and he is left in an adoption agency...

"What did I ever do to hurt you and make you feel this way...?"



Greyson Chance: Debut (3) Song EP in September and CD titled "Greyson" later this year

Several web sites have suggested or hinted that the 3 songs might debut September, 2010 and that the CD will come out around or after Thanksgiving around XMAS!! 


http://www.timesrecordnews.com/news/2010/aug/23/a-matter-of-chance-n-born-in-wichita-singer-out/ :

The family signed Greyson with Degeneres’ new recording label, eleveneleven, as her first recording artist. He also began work with veteran record producer Ron Fair on a CD expected to be released around Thanksgiving.


http://www.chartsinfrance.net/Lady-GaGa/news-70766.html  (French)

The first single should be available from September 27 next, before the release of the album, scheduled the end of the year...


Chance credits him as a mentor, "He's been so great and he's just been amazing, especially from a music perspective. He knows so much and he's been a great help." The album is due out by Christmas but fans won't have to wait too much longer to get a taste of it. Greyson revealed, "We're going to release a three song EP I think in the middle of September."

To TRN, Greyson described his new CD as “a rock album. It’s not hip-hop. I can’t really do that.”

His mother described his style as a “mixture of rock and ballads. It’s not R&B, hip-hop, teeny-bopper music. I think people will be surprised how different his music sounds.”

It will feature eight songs — 80 percent written by Greyson. His mother hinted that one single may be released within two weeks and another in September.

GreysonChanceFans Prediction:

Title of CD will be simply "Greyson"

Songs on the EP will be all of Greyson's originals:


"Broken Hearts"



MMN Exclusive: Greyson Chance Hits the Mog Music Network Office