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Predictions and other News 


Greyson will appear again on the Ellen Show the week or May 24th-28th 2010 (now confirmed for Wednesday May 2th 2010)

Greyson will spend the summer 2010 in LA doing recording/training in preparation for his breakout CD and career debut! 

Greyson might end up moving to LA and be home schooled in the Fall 2010

Greyson's parents will be interviewed on national shows such as Today and perhaps GMA




 News: (local Edmond, Oklahoma)


 Interviews with local school teachers and fellow students

“It’s been difficult and scary, um exciting. But Greyson’s totally up for the challenge, and all along, I’ve kind of known this was coming. I just didn’t know when,” said Lisa Chance, Greyson’s mother.

Meanwhile, Greyson said he is in a sort of disbelief with his sudden stardom.

“I love my fans, I guess, that’s what I can say,” Greyson said. “I’m just excited because I am literally living the dream.”





5/13/2010 Gaga songsters parents put brakes on fame for now


Greyson Chance, 12, is back in school, looking forward to playing soccer before weighing options to become a performer.

Life is slowly getting back to normal for Greyson Chance after the 12-year-old struck gold with his YouTube performance of Lady Gaga’s "Paparazzi.”

Just this week, the songster’s video gained millions of views, fans created a Facebook page with thousands of members and Greyson flew to Los Angeles to appear on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The Cheyenne Middle School sixth-grader said he is going to need a new cell phone number.

"I keep getting so many texts from people I don’t know my friends can’t reach me,” Greyson said. His meteoric rise to celebrity life has been overwhelming at times, said Scott and Lisa Chance, his parents.

"It’s slowing down now,” Scott Chance said. "Lisa and I were insistent that we pull the rope back as far as more public appearances because he’s got a couple of weeks of school left.”

Greyson’s sister, Alexa Chance, 16, said her phone is constantly ringing. "I’ve only had one person ask for his number and I said, ‘no, not right now,’” she said.

Scott Chance said he and his wife will seek opinions from people in the music industry before signing any contracts.

"We want to regroup and take the weekend to study how we want to proceed,” he said. "Next week we’ll make some inquiries and start interviewing some people, not to necessarily sign some deals, but get advice on what we need to do next.”

Greyson returned to classes Friday but admitted he didn’t sleep well the night before. "This is my dream, and it’s really coming true,” he said. Though he has been singing at school programs since kindergarten, Greyson said he became determined he wanted a music career after seeing Lady Gaga perform at the MTV Video Music Awards two years ago.

"I thought she was amazing,” he said. "I could see myself in that position, and that’s really when the dream really came alive.”

Greyson and Alexa Chance started piano lessons three years ago and sing duets together. Their father said his older son, Tanner Chance, 19, taught himself to play guitar and piano but doesn’t have the vocal ability of his siblings.

"He sings like me,” Scott Chance said.

What is most important for the family at this point is to keep as much normalcy as possible, Scott Chance said.

"We know there are going to be changes,” he said. "But everyone needs to remember to stay humble ... and be very thankful that we are blessed with this opportunity.”