That clip went from YouTube to Ellen DeGeneres, who featured the overly earnest, grandmother-friendly Mr. Chance, 13, on her show and signed him to her record label. On his debut EP he reprises “Paparazzi”; just as he did on Ms. DeGeneres’s show, he treats it like a punching bag, pummeling it over an arrangement so stark that the result has a 3-D effect, with words jumping out of nothingness as if on the attack.  

He similarly covers Augustana’s “Fire,” a mawkish song that there’s no frisson in hearing him make even more so. The only original here is the mournful, piano-driven “Waiting Outside the Lines,” produced by Da Internz, a blatant Coldplay swipe that tries to match, and rein in, Mr. Chance’s voice, which is large and prone to roam. It has all the youthful vim of a performer three times his age.