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Greyson Chance Billboard Twitter Q&A August 1st 2011

Part 1

Part 2


Greyson Chance Billboard Twitter Q&A August 1st 2011


Greyson Chance News For April 2011 - Billboard Update April 18th 2011

Greyson Chance 'About 80 Percent' Done with Debut Album

Greyson Chance says he's "about 80 percent" finished with his debut album, which he's been working on in Los Angeles with producer Ron Fair and songwriting/production team the Matrix.

"The record sounds like a mix between Snow Patrol and OneRepublic -- I think I would go in that ballpark. It's pop-rock," the piano-playing, 13-year-old YouTube sensation tells Billboard.com. And, he says, some older influences are at work as well.

"For this record, I've actually been very influenced by Journey. I want to make music that sounds modern, but I want it to have some old, classical things, too. So I've been listening to a lot of Journey and picking out some melodies, some stuff that (Steve) Perry does with his voice. I love 'Faithfully.' I love 'Who's Crying Now' and 'Stone in Love.' Those are probably my favorites."

Lyrically, he adds, the album "is all about broken hearts...because I went through heartbreak, and I just started writing about it." He's not kissing and telling, though. "You're not gonna hear about the girl that done me wrong," Chance says with a laugh. "It was a little fling. It wasn't too long, but it was definitely a big heartbreak."

Chance hopes to have the album out this summer, though no firm title or release date have been announced for the set, which he's recording for Ellen DeGeneres' eleveneleven imprint in tandem with Maverick/Geffen. Chance is currently on the road with fellow heartthrob Cody Simpson, but he says that "whenever I have a day where I'm not on the road or doing a performance, I'm in the studio. I'm always writing and I'm starting to get into the production side as well. They work me really hard, but I like to be worked."


Greyson Chance Is In An 'Empire State Of Mind' Mashup Mondays From Billboard Magazine February 14th 2011!



Greyson Chance Is In An 'Empire State Of Mind'  Mashup Mondays From Billboard Magazine February 14 2011!

Tween piano phenom Greyson Chance tackles Alicia Keys and Jay-Z's New York megahit, "Empire State of Mind" in his dramatic classical-meets-vocal style.

YouTube sensation Greyson Chance performs his single "Waiting Outside The Lines"



Billboard Ask Celebrities What They Want For Christmas - Greyson Chance Want's Harry Potter Wand Collection!

Harry Potter Wand Collection=Best thing ever(:


Billboard Reviews "Waiting Outside The Lines" Single



Single: WAITING OUTSIDE THE LINES (Maverick/Geffen)

Greyson Chance's "Waiting Outside the Lines" could easily be mistaken for an "American Idol" coronation song, but alas, "Idol" hasn't delivered a winner as preternaturally talented as Chance in years. This plucked-from-nowhere singer instead rose to fame the 2010 way -- on YouTube, with a viral cover of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" that led to signing with Ellen DeGeneres' new label. Chance's first single pegs him as a risk-taker -- one who's reaped rewards from creeping out his sixth-grade classmates by singing dark piano ballads -- and invites listeners to pay attention to his daring choices.

The 13-year-old delivers sweeping sentiments with natural conviction, his vibrato hovering over a piano melody that's mostly overpowered by Da Internz's orchestral production. The fact that the music itself never overshadows Chance is a good indication that this latest teen sensation is worthy of the hype.


Greyson Chance #9 on Billboard's Top 21 Under 21!