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Greyson Chance And Cody Simpson On Radio Disney's Take Over With Ernie D April 8th 2011

Greyson Chance & Cody Simpson - Secrets of Their Upcoming Tour - Take Over with Ernie D.

Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance talk about their favorite songs to sing along to on Radio Disney's Take Over with Ernie D!

Audio of parts of the Interview

Exclusive: Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance Tell Tour Secrets!




Our NEXT Prediction!!! Greyson And Cody Recorded A Song Together?? April 8th, 2011


YES!  That will be the surprise Greyson and Cody have been talking about for days before the Waiting4U Tour begins!!!

Why?  Well what would surprise fans MORE than debuting a new song that features BOTH Greyson and Cody??  And what better way than to PERFORM it live on tour together!

I was right about my prediction that they would tour together so I am putting my forecasting skills on the line here!

I could be wrong here, but if they don't do this I would be surprised and if I am wrong do you all think they should do a song together??

Please know I have NO INSIDE INFO OR SCOOP on this!  It's just speculation (:




Greyson Chance And Cody Simpson On Radio Disney Friday April 8th 2011!