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Greyson in Twist Magazine



TWIST: What kind of music can we be expecting from you?
GREYSON: I have some upbeat songs, some ballads, and then I have some rock songs. So it's pretty diverse but mainly I would say it's pop rock.

TWIST: Who are some of your favorite artists? Who has inspired you?
GREYSON: One of my all-time favorite artists is Lady Gaga. One of my favorite bands is Augustana. I also like other artists like Elton John, John Legend, John Lennon, and Christina Aguilera.

TWIST: Is there anyone that you would love to do a collaboration with?
GREYSON: Hayley Williams. I love her voice; I think she's just amazing. I would love to work with her.

TWIST: Have you met anyone who made you feel starstruck?
GREYSON: Yesterday when I was in Oklahoma, I went to the Lady Gaga concert. I got to meet her; she's amazing, so nice and genuine. She gave me a lot of good advice. She told me to work hard, keep on writing, to keep on singing and follow my dream.

TWIST: Did Lady Gaga see your famous video?
GREYSON: Yes, I'm pretty sure she did. She called me up on the Ellen show the first time I was on.

TWIST: How did you feel when you first went on the Ellen show?
GREYSON: A lot of things were running through my head, but it was so comfortable. I just think I felt at home and relaxed. Also it's just really fun.

TWIST: Often people compare you to Justin Bieber. How do you feel about that?
GREYSON: What Justin has done is ridiculous and to be compared to him is an honor. But I think we are really different, I think people are going to be so surprised when the album comes out because he sings more R&B music and I don't. But he is an amazing artist.

TWIST: Do you know when the album is being released? Are you excited?
GREYSON: I honestly don't know the release date yet. But I'm really excited. I think it's kind of a different look than people would expect from me.

TWIST: Do you ever think about how quickly you've become famous?
GREYSON: Of course. I was at the Lady Gaga concert last night. She sang "Paparazzi", and it hit me then. She's amazing and she sang it so well but if she did not write that song, I would not be in the position I am in today. So that really hit me and then I was thinking if my brother wouldn't have sent that video to Ellen I wouldn't have had this experience either. It's just all these things that happened, it's a blessing.

TWIST: Does everyone at your school go crazy over you?
GREYSON: Well my school life, of course, has changed, but everyone has been really supportive and I really appreciate it. You know, with my friends it's just the same, when I'm with them we don't talk about it.

TWIST: Do you have any dating advice?
GREYSON: Be yourself, it's the best thing you can do.

TWIST: Thanks Greyson!



Greyson Chance hits the Red Carpet!

He's in L.A. to record his first album... and Greyson Chance is already hitting the red carpet! Take a look at his video diary from the "Twilight: Eclipse" red carpet, and follow all of Greyson's adventures here.

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Greyson Chance's Video Diary - Part 1



Rising music star Greyson Chance, who Ellen discovered, has flown to L.A.! He brought along a camera to share his experience -- check it out

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Pictures of Greyson with his friends in Edmond May-June 2010!


Interview with Ryan Seacrest


Greyson on the Ellen Show! May 26th, 2010

30 MB (MP4) requires Quicktime
Where Ellen reveals record label and contract with Greyson!
Greyson sings "Broken Hearts" on The Ellen Show
20 MB (MP4) requires Quicktime
Watch the entire video above!
We meet Greyson and his family and school on the last day
Greyson's awesome family talks about his singing and musical talents with clips when he was 5

The Chances: Alexa, Tanner, Lisa (Mom), Scott (Dad),  Greyson

with Ellen