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Greyson Chance And Cody Simpson 10 Surprising Things About Each Other April 28th 2011! 


Greyson about Cody:

1. He often sleeps in his regular clothes.

2. He wakes up really early (unlike me!)

3. His nickname on the tour is Coco!

4. He sings & raps Drake songs all the time.

5. He always beats me when we play video games.

Cody about Greyson: 

1. He has an awesome record collection (Elton John, Prince) and LP player on the bus.

2. He loves to pull pranks (especially with silly string!)

3. He's a night owl!

4. Greyson loves to sing the new Lady Gaga song on the bus! "Judasss Judasss!"

5. He has the fridge stocked with Lunchables. (Actually they are sponsoring our tour!)