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Greyson Chance Appearance On The Ellen Show With Miranda Cosgrove March 9th 2011!

Had a great time performing with Miranda on The Ellen Show! The performance is up on my website(:

One of the biggest young stars around, Miranda Cosgrove, is proving she's a talented musician, and stopped by to perform her latest hit song for Ellen. At the end of the song, none other than Ellen's friend, Greyson Chance, joined in!

While at the show, Greyson Chance grabbed a camera and recorded this backstage tour. He shows everyone the walk from the dressing rooms to the set -- and some highlights in between!

Greyson Chance hosts an impromptu chat with fans before appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show March 8th 2011

Greyson Chance Appearance On The Ellen Show March 9th 2011!

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