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Greyson Chance Gets A Visit From Fanlala Then Attends Cody Simpson's Birthday Bash!

How lucky are we? Hangin w/ Greyson Chance at rehearsals!

 Greyson Chance performing "Waiting Outside the Lines" for us. We LOVE this song!



Greyson Chance and Avery Courtesy Poison Ivy

Go to 200-300 to see Greyson on a roller coaster

@TheCodySimpson Greyson: I will control it now! (After four minutes of spinning) Cody: Okay I will take it from now...(

@greysonchance Lol that ride was craazy! thanks for being there dude!

Cody Simpson 14th Birthday party celebration at Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California USA January 19, 2011


Reader Comments (1)

hey guys. im a HUGGEEEE fan from estonia!! greyson is such a nice guy and hes so cute and handsome too . so were so lucky that we have him . i hope i can meet him one day . thats my biggest dream ever right now . cause I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! HES SO AMAZING SINGER! when i first saw his first video then i fell in love with him righrt away . cause he has such a AMAZING voice.

March 4, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKarin

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