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Greyson Chance Interview on BBC Radio 1 With Tom Deacon January 9th 2011


Greyson Chance Interview on BBC Radio1 With Tom Deacon January 9th 2011


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hey greyson i like that u were on the radio . it was kewl . but i didnt get to here u on the radio intill today . sorry if i didnt here you . but i want to come to alanta and tampa and orlando . but i dont have the money sorry . but im saving my money for your new cd . how much is it . but ill have anough money dont worry . i love you . you are my valentine for ever . and im your valentine for ever , even if you dont know me , but u will know me soon . i hope so . i want to meet you soooooooooooo (a lot of o's) bad . I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH VALENTINE . happy (OUR) valentines day . its early i know but o well . i am all what u want a girl to be . i PROMISE YOU I AM . i DONT LIE TO BOYS I REALLY LOVE . i am YOUR GIRLFRIEND FOR EVER . i know i talk a lot . if i met you i would kinda talk a lot . just because i met you i see you . also because you are SO HOT REALLY YOU ARE SO HOT .

January 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLaura

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