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YouTube star Greyson Chance, 12, received a surprise phone call from Lady Gaga on his recent national television debut on The Ellen Degeneres Show, which was prompted by the rapid viral success of an online video of his performance of her hit "Paparazzi".

"Hi Miss Gaga!" Chance, touted as the next Justin Bieber, said to Lady Gaga on the pre-taped show, which aired on Thursday, to which she replied: "It's so nice to meet you. It's so funny, I'm lying in bed here with my mom, taking a break, and they said, 'Ellen's going to call you.'"

"Greyson, you're so sweet and so talented and I was so excited that you covered 'Paparazzi' and everyone loves you so much," Lady Gaga said on the talk program. "So just keep following your dreams and work really hard and stay away from girls and be focused."

Chance's YouTube video of himself singing and performing "Paparazzi" on a piano at a sixth grade talent show at Cheyenne Middle School in Edmond, Oklahoma has garnered more than eight million hits since he posted it on the Web site two weeks ago.

The video went viral several days ago when large news outlets reported about it, prompting producers of The Ellen Degeneres Show to invite him to Los Angeles to appear and perform the song on the program.

"I was sitting in math class and I got a text from my mom and she said, 'Call me ASAP.' So the first thing in my mind is, 'Dang it, what did I do now?'" Chance told Degeneres. "I remember just coming home and then my mom saying, 'Pack, because we're flying out to LA. And this was my first flight, so I was very scared."

Chance said he had studied piano for three years but has never taken voice lessons. He has also penned two original songs - "Stars", about a "wife who dies of cancer and she goes into the stars" and "Broken Hearts," which is about two girls he knows.

"Look what's happening to you now - now they're sorry," Degeneres said. Chance called Lady Gaga his "number one inspiration" and touted the individuality of the singer, known for her eclectic fashion sense and music videos.


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Reader Comments (2)

OMG hes like SO GOOD!!!

May 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAnna Marie

Hi Greyson :)... My name is Jaden and i LOVE your lyrics. I'm a lyrical poet myself, and love your metaphors and the way your rhythm changes constantly through most of your songs. NO, i do not think you look like Justin Beiber and believe you have your own style of personality and musicality- which is mature for your age. I am 14 years old myself and can say that we share the same passion... Music. I believe you are very talented... but could still use some work on the bridges of your songs. They tend to get slightly choppy and off topic. With said, I am fully confident that I could help you if you needed so- even if using your girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, or even your dog as inspiration (I have had those days as a writer.).Having absolutely no idea what it’s like to be a performer, I couldn’t say that I have been where you are or even say I know how you feel. BUT as a writer, with many circumstances, I CAN say that I have been exactly where you have- there and back again. I also have written a handful of songs before and have suffered the dreaded writers block occasionally, too. I have had my work reviewed by a few artists (and I am now actually waiting on a response for one of my songs called "Green"). Inspiration is everywhere and it takes an artist to see it- the denial of a break-up, seeing the same moon as your lover, or even waiting for something you know will never happen. It all takes a perspective, which is never wrong or right- It Is Yours. Again, if ever needed then I would most certainly love to work with you. Oh, and Don't Stay Inside The Lines :D

May 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJaden Blue

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