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Our Greyson Chance Crystal Ball Predictions for 2011 and Beyond


 greysonchance97 #GreysonPredictions @greysonchance will tour Europe starting April 2011 in England and France then the rest of the world #greysonchance

#GreysonPredictions @greysonchance official will release YouTube video titled #greysoninparis soon like their Greyson in Canada #greyson

#GreysonPredictions @greysonchance will appear on late night talk show(s) to promote his new CD @conanobrien? @jayleno? @Late_Show#greyson


#GreysonPredictions @greysonchance will make his acting debut on TV in 2011 as guest role on @GLEEonFOX with @ladygaga cameo #greysonchance


#GreysonPredictions @greysonchance will begin work on his 2nd CD Fall 2011. He will be the headliner for his 2012 concert tour to promote it


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