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inMusic chats with Greyson Chance

inMusic chats with Greyson Chance

Music Editor: Catherine Main

In the Spring of 2010, a 12 year old Greyson Chance became an Internet sensation overnight by putting up a video of himself performing Lady Gaga’s ‘Papparazzi’ up on Youtube.  Within hours, it was tweeted and re-tweeted by celebrities and media around the world.  His video was viewed over 30 Million times worldwide and led him to be the first ever act signed to a new record label created by Ellen DeGeneres.  We spoke to Greyson via phone while he was in Los Angeles rehearsing for his new album release.

inMusic:  Who is in your band Greyson?

Greyson Chance: Just 4 guys, really cool,nice people , we’re having a lot of fun – we are making musical fusion.

iM: You noted that Augustana was one of your music inspirations, what do you like best about that band?

GC: They are a folk rock group, they’re really great, I can feel the power in their music and I can feel their passion in their music and I love that! They seem like really nice guys, I’m really inspired by them. 

iM: You really made headlines with your famous Youtube video that had over 30 Millions streams, was that the first video you had posted?

GC: No, the first video I actually put was  ‘Broken Hearts’ one of my songs, I put it on Youtube and then I just decided to put up ‘Papparazzi’ just for the heck of it.

iM: You are the first act signed to Ellen DeGeneres label, what was it like meeting her?

GC: She’s incredible, she’s just really cool and nice, she’s just such a great person.  I’m so blessed to have this opportunity and be on her label.

iM: Do you feel any pressure being the first act signed?

GC: No, I don’t really feel any pressure because I’m also signed to Geffen and Interscope, so I have great labels behind me and I’m just ready for the music to come out.

iM: Tell me about your experience coming to Canada for ‘We Day’

GC: It was a very good experience, I love Canada.  It’s very clean, it’s very green.  I really like it because here in the United States we don’t really believe in ‘green.’  The people in Canada were very nice, I liked the ‘eh’, I liked the accent. 

iM: What did you do while you were in Toronto?

GC: I did a lot of press, I did interviews on TV and radio.  I was going to go to the CN Tower but we didn’t have time.  I didn’t do a lot of sightseeing, I just worked – but I liked the working.

iM: A lot of celebrities stepped in to promote your video virally from Ryan Seacrest to David Archuleta.  Who surprised you most?

GC: I think it was Ashton Kutcher, I saw that he tweeted it, and I was like ‘woah.’ It was a really cool experience to see him do that. 

iM: Is it true you share  a manager with Madonna and Lady Gaga?

GC: I met Guy Oseary the first day I was on Ellen because that is when we were getting a lot of calls from people and we really didn’t  know who to go with, so Ellen set me up with Guy Oseary, who was Madonna’s guy and the she also set me up with Troy Carter who is Lady Gaga’s manager.  I share both of them yes. 

iM: Have you met Madonna yet?

GC: I have not met Madonna, I’m really hoping that I will get to someday.

iM: Would you ever cover a Madonna song? If so, which one?

GC: Oh yeah, why not – I love Madonna.  She’s classic.  My favourite Madonna song is ‘Papa Don’t Preach.’

iM: How was meeting Lady Gaga?

GC: Yes, I’m met Lady Gaga a couple of times.  She’s so great and kind.  She’s selling all these records, selling out all these concerts but she still stays to herself, she’s incredible.

iM: Do you feel  because you’re younger, people dig into your lyrics a little more?

GC: I don’t necessarily think so, I think there will always be haters and there is going to be different people that don’t like my music but all that I’m concerned about is that my fans understand where the meaning is coming from and that they like the music.  That’s all I care about.

iM: Do you have any collaborations on this new album?

GC: I do not have any collaborations on this new album.  I tried to get one but it didn’t really work out.  My dream collaboration would be Christina Aguilera. 

IM: I read that some of your new songs are on the sad side, is this part of your style?

GC: They’re not necessarily sad.  I have some sad and soulful songs but I also have very happy songs.  It’s a collection of both

iM: How long does it take for you to write a song?

GC: It depends if I’m very inspired, it could take a minute, but if I’m in a writers block, it could take me two weeks. 

iM: You have been working a lot over the past few months since the viral video exploded, how often do you get to see your friends?

GC: I’m always on my phone texting and skyping or emailing, I’m always staying in touch.  It’s hard but it’s not too much of a challenge because I’m doing what I love.  I love working, I just consider it fun. 

iM: Thank you very much Greyson for calling in today.

GC: Thanks a lot Catherine!


Source: http://inmusic.ca/artists/interviews/Articles/greyson_chance

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