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Greyson Chance Surprises PS22 Chorus in New York City!

Here is the young phenomenon Greyson Chance making a surprise entrance inside the auditorium of the PS22 Chorus!! We have him pose as "Brian," the son of Ms. Laurie when he comes in, and I quickly break into a version of Paparazzi before the (majority of) group knows what I'm up to! (The chorus only learned their part right earlier that afternoon, and did remarkably well!!) Midway through the song, Greyson pushes me off the piano and breaks into his brilliant version of the song! Needless to say, the kids go duly berzerk when they finally realize what's going on!! (Sarah's & Dominique's reactions alone make this video well worth the watch!!)

Here is a truly astounding collaboration of young talent! The PS22 Chorus of 2011 joins forces with Greyson Chance to recreate his single, "Waiting Outside The Lines" and words cannot do it justice! It's great to see the mutual admiration that's going on throughout the performance! The kids truly inspired each other to create this stunning and sincerely expressed rendition. We at PS22 are utterly impressed by Greyson Chance and know that he's bound for success of major proportion! 




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