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"Just So You Know" JSYK Interview With Greyson November 11th 1PM EST On Twitter



We're Twitter-viewing Greyson on Thursday, November 11 at 1 PM ET, so make sure to send us your questions by then. You can either post them in the comments or tweet us @jsykdotcom. You can watch the interview live on his Twitter page, but we'll also be posting the full Q&A on JSYK later this week. We can't promise we'll use your question, but we're definitely looking for ideas so ask away!



@GreysonChance Hey! Thanks for tweeting with us, what are you up to today?

@jsykdotcom Thanks for having me today(: I am actually going to be in the studio today!

@greysonchance cool, what are you working on?

@jsykdotcom I am working on my new record. And, I am going to NYC next week to promote my new single Waiting Outside the Lines!

@GreysonChance Awesome! Fan question: @MareDior When is your 2nd single coming out?

@jsykdotcom I am not sure yet! But the video for WOTL is coming out very soon....(:

@greysonchance Can you tell us what the video is going to be like? :-)

@jsykdotcom It has a lot of different effects and there is a cool piano I designed for the video. It is more like a mini movie!

@GreysonChance Cool! @LadyGaga 's vids are like mini movies 2! Speaking of, we heard you two are going to do something together...

@jsykdotcom You will just have to wait and see...(:

@greysonchance lol aww ok! Fan question: Kem from China wants 2 know, will you ever go to China?

@jsykdotcom I would love to go to China, hopefully I can visit there soon!(:

@GreysonChance Me (@AshleyTheIntern) & @StacySays are watching the London Harry Potter red carpet on JSYK right now...will u see the movie?

@jsykdotcom I've been waiting to see the last Harry Potter movie for seven years!!!!!!! I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!

@greysonchance Us too, you should totally go the NYC premiere!! Random fan question: oOoSRCoOoo wants to know, "Do you like fried chicken?"

@jsykdotcom maybe I can go to the premiere WHILE eating fried chicken?!

@greysonchance LOL!

@greysonchance What about @JustinBieber ’s movie...will you go see that one too?

@jsykdotcom Sure, I'd love to see it!

@greysonchance Shout out time, who are your best friends on Twitter?

@jsykdotcom @ladygaga @theellenshow @yelyahwilliams

@GreysonChance Yay! We made the list!!

@GreysonChance Ok, two more questions! Did you see @officialwillow 's @TheEllenShow performance?

@jsykdotcom Yes I did, it was incredible, I love her voice!

@GreysonChance We do too! Ok, last one...Fan question: @GreysonShakesIt asks, "What do you love most about your "new" life?"

@jsykdotcom I love everything that's happening! I'm getting to live out my dreams and it's so exciting! I love my fans so much!!!!

@GreysonChance Well we'll let you get back to the studio. Can't wait to see the video! Tweet with us soon k? :-)

@jsykdotcom Thanks so much for the twitterview I had a blast!(:

@GreysonChance Us too! See ya!



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