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"Greyson Chance: Me & You" by Posy Edwards book due out soon!

Greyson Chance Me & You includes everything you need to know about the boy who has stunned audiences across the globe - Greyson Michael Chance! Greyson is this year's hottest property and this singing sensation is set to take the world by storm when he releases his debut album later this year. Greyson is a one off. As soon as the producers of the chatshow Ellen spotted Greyson's increasing popularity on youtube, they knew they had found someone quite special. Within a matter of weeks, Greyson was on the show and soon after that was celebrating a record deal. We reveal the singer's route to the top, life before youtube fame and just how he keeps his feet on the ground amid hoardes of screaming fans. Packed with loads of gorgeous pictures as well as all the latest news and gossip, GREYSON CHANCE ME & YOU reveals everything there is to know about singing sensation Greyson!

Posy Edwards is Greyson Chance's biggest fan. She lives and works in London

48 pages hardcover

Due out October 20th 2010-February 2011


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