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Greyson Chance Takes Questions from Fans at Xbox for All



Xbox will ask the first Question: At 12-years-old, you are a few years away from a legal driver license, but are you looking forward to playing the driving game Joy Ride for Kinect?

Greyson Chance

Yes! The game looks awesome, and what I find great is that I can play with a lot of different people when I play!

Lakota Kathryn IronRope

 Do you love all your fans???

Greyson Chance

I love my fans SO MUCH! They are the reason why I am here today. I am so blessed and thank you so much for your support! Love you!

Madison Leishmanare

u friends with Justin Bieber?

Greyson Chance

I actually got to meet Justin at the VMAs. He was so incredibly nice! Maybe I can catch on tour soon(:

Mathieu Champion

How has Canada treated you?

Greyson Chance

Going to Canada was my first time out of America and it was awesome, I enjoyed so much. My fans there are so kind and welcoming. I thank all my Canadians so much!

Alisa Syairah

what do u do on your free time?

Greyson Chance

I like to go to the movies, I love playing poker, and playing XBOX(: 

Lawrence Shaw

Whats your favourite movie/series??

Greyson Chance

 My favorite movie of all time would be Goodfellas!

Coon Sp

When does your new album come out?

Greyson Chance

I am working hard on the album all the time, and it will be coming out early 2011! Can't wait for you guys to heart it(

Jordan Ballard

  How long have you been singing?

Greyson Chance

I have been singing since I can remember! My sister and I used to perform duets in front of my mom...that's when I started taking music very seriously.

Emma Repnyek

 What is your favorite food?

Greyson Chance

 Mexican food is my all time favorite!

Jessica Michael Spiers

Hey Greyson(: It's Jessica, you tweeted me on Friday! Thanks for that:) Just wondering, if you could do a duet with anyone you wanted to (alive or dead) who would it be? Love youuu!

Greyson Chance

 If I could collaborate with anyone it would be Lady Gaga. Her voice and records are such pieces of art, and Gaga changed my life. If she hadn't written \"Paparazzi\" then I would not be in the same situation today!

Stephen Gutierrez

 How long have you been a fan and gamer of the XBOX Live community?

Greyson Chance

I have been playing XBOX since I got one as a gift for Christmas last year. I love playing my XBOX when I get home!

Rhianna Porter-Clark

 How do you balance your "normal" life from your "celebrity" life?

Greyson Chance

Sometimes it's difficult - I miss Edmond, OK (my hometown) and I miss my friends and family, but in the end I am doing what I love!

Dasha Torokhova

did u celebrate haloween ?? and if u did what did u dress as ??

Greyson Chance

  Yes I did, I was a man riding an inflatable Ostrich!

Katie Walker

Do you have a fan mail address?

Greyson Chance

Yes! Fan mail can go to: Greyson Chance care of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, 2220 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Kim Clifton

what game are you most looking forward to play on the kinect?

Greyson Chance

I looking forward to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows game! I love Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!

Dasha Torokhova

If you could instantly become fluent in another language, which language would you pick?

Greyson Chance

I have always wanted to be fluent in French. I think their language is such a piece of art and I like the way it sounds!

Vanessa Myers

when you visit your friends from your hometown do they still treat you the same?

Greyson Chance

Yes they all treat me the same. They are so supportive and help keep me down to earth!

Bart Gates

Greyson how do you like living in Los Angeles, compared to Edmond?

Greyson Chance

I love the big city life of LA but in some cases I do miss the empty fields and the country life of Edmond.

Riley Zuccarello

What is your next move in your life? The next step?

Greyson Chance

The next move is finishing my debut album! I'm also shooting a video for my new song \"Waiting Outside the Lines\" this week! I\'m soooo excited!

Popotitos Parker

What Xbox games you have?

Greyson Chance

My favorite XBOX game is probably NCAA Football! I love me some College Football!

Cathi Longoria Bitter

You are so close with your siblings, are you missing them while you're away so much now??

Greyson Chance

I am very close to my siblings, and I do miss them a lot. I am always on the phone or Skype with them so we stay connected!

Mary Renouf

  what was it like the FIRST time you met Ellen?

Greyson Chance

It was a great experience that I will always remember! She is such an incredible and genuine person, and I am so thankful for her!

Riley Zuccarello

What was your 1st reaction when you heard Ellen wanted to sign you to ElevenEleven records?

Greyson Chance

  It was such a crazy day! I had just found out right before I was on Ellen for the first time. I was bouncing off the walls(:

Ethan Allen Clemons

Hey Greyson, my dream is to do what I love the most to sing and songwrite what is the best tip you can give me. : o)

Greyson Chance

Do not let anybody get in the way of your dreams! Just focus and follow them forever!

Valentina LoveStoned

Hi Greyson! Who's your greatest inspiration as an artist?

Greyson Chance

I find inspiration in different places everyday. It could be something I see on the road, it could be something I am going through in my life. Just depends what mood I am in(:

Beth Jayne Ford

Will you ever come to England? :)

Greyson Chance

Hopefully sooner than later(:

Alexa Keams

you should come to arizona!!!!!!!!!! :)

Greyson Chance

I would definitely love to come to Arizona! Hopefully I will be there soon!

Haraku Snow Wolf

when you posted your video did you think this could happen?

Greyson Chance

Unfortunately this is my last question, thank you so much for logging on to chat with me!

I never thought it would happen. I posted the video just so my friends and family could see the performance. I am so blessed for this opportunity! Thank you guys so much! -With Love Greyson