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Check out the Greyson Chance Forum

and join the newest and best forum for Greyson Chance!

Made by fans FOR fans, this forum gets down to the details where young and older can discuss, share and discover the latest information, rumors and opinions from fellow fans and superfans!

Meredith started the forum in April 2011 and it is a fantastic way for fans to interact with other fans!

Thanks Meredith and DJtiny for providing a much needed web site!!!

Bottom Line:

Come join The Greyson Chance Forum (It's Free!) http://greysonchance.proboards­­­­­­­­­.com/ . Its UNOFFICIAL, but its where I find out a lot of "little known" or "new" information before it gets out. Info like "Summer Train", the new summer tour dates, etc. KIDS, BRING YOUR PARENTS. IT IS SAFE FOR THEM TO JOIN TOO. The only danger is that they may quickly become Greyson Fans like us. :)